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Architect workplace top view. Architectural project, blueprints, blueprint rolls on table.


Design Consultation



We believe in providing you with the highest-quality, complimentary, project design consultation. Your initial consultation includes a 1-3 hour meeting with one of our designers. The design team will come to your home or business and review the scope of work for your project. Our design department then gathers the details of your project, with specific questions regarding the desired look of your tailored space.

*Normal circumstances; Once the initial consultation has been completed, a designer will be hand-selected to meet your needs. The design team member will then begin to assemble custom design options tailored to meet your desires.

Once assembled, the next stage of the design process will be initiated. It will begin by having you visit our Tailored Interiors design center for an arranged project presentation.

(Time frames will vary depending on job scale.)

*Normal circumstances; Our designer will review every detail of your project with you, including each design and finish selection(s) you have selected. A contract will then be proposed, agreed upon, and signed.

If there are any last-minute changes, ideas, or requests, our designers will alter any designs or finishes to meet the new request, only prior to contract signing. Please note, once a contract has been signed, any changes in design will be subject to a contract addendum that must be signed and may no longer meet the initial budget.

(Time frames will vary depending on the revision scale.)

*Normal circumstances; If the client owns and lives in the space for the initial consultation 

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