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Established in 2006, Tailored Interiors is a state-certified, licensed, and insured building contractor, with over 38 years of custom building and remodeling experience in the states of Florida and Massachusetts.


We offer everything under one roof to handle all aspects of your project, from start to finish. Specializing in home design, construction, existing residential and commercial property remodeling, interior furnishings, and finishes, we have a talented staff to complete any of your project needs.


It all begins with our team. We are a dedicated and passionate local family, and our immaculate work speaks for itself. We want to ensure that your Tailored Interiors experience is world-class, which means we go above and beyond for you and your project.


Our company values communication, listening, understanding, and meeting every need of your project is the core of our company.


We prioritize making your custom building and remodeling experience a positive and enjoyable one.


Experience the difference with Tailored Interiors, an all-inclusive company.

Architect workplace top view. Architectural project, blueprints, blueprint rolls on table.



We have built our name on these values, withstanding the test of times by never straying away from our beliefs.

We have an amazing team that strives to go above and beyond for every client and their project.

Each one of our team members takes great pride in their work. We love being able to see our client's dream space come to life.

We believe listening is fundamental to achieving our client's dream vision.

Being able to hear a client's likes and dislikes, while transforming their ideas into a cohesive and functional design is what we do best.

We always keep our client's functionality in mind when assembling project designs and choosing the right products.

Taking your day-to-day living into consideration allows us to focus on how we may improve the overall functionality of your space.

Tailored Interiors is a team that is completely committed to your project and your satisfaction.


Interior Designer_edited.jpg

Owner and Chief Operating-Officer

Lisa Foresteire

29 years of experience in building, remodeling, design, and development.

An accomplished artist and our lead interior designer. 

Construction work planning

Certified & Quality Assured

Installation Team

Tailored Interiors has created a high-quality, hand-selected installation team that pays attention to each and every detail.


Chief Project Management Officer

Philip Foresteire

Over 39 years of experience in building, remodeling, design, and development​.

A talented craftsman, brilliant builder, and Marine Corps veteran dedicated to tackling your projects needs.

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