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Choosing the right wall color!

Paint is the #1 way to transform a room. Everyone at some point or another has gone through the hassle of having to paint a room or even the whole house. There is an endless array of colors to choose from and standing in front of 2000 color swatches can be overwhelming. Here is a few tips and tricks to help narrow down color choices and get your space painted in no time.

There are a few key questions to ask yourself before you even begin to think about color choice. What furniture is existing in the space and what is staying? What color and finish are the cabinets? What is the color of the floor and how reflective is it? How does the space function and how heavy of a traffic area is it? These questions will quickly help you to narrow down color choices and finishes, right off the bat.

Another good way of narrowing down colors is to think about the colors you don’t want first. It is always easier to figure out what colors you don’t like than it is to figure out all the colors you do.

Find inspiration for your space! Maybe it comes from an art piece, a pillow, or a bedspread. Even looking through magazines and cutting out pictures of things you like. Take pictures of these items or bring them with you when going to pick out your paint.

For those of you who are afraid of bold colors, try a neutral color on the walls and then layering in the color with art, pillows, throws, and accessories. This will achieve a cohesiveness with pops of color that will stand out but not be too overpowering. It is much easier to change out accessories than it is to change wall color. If you would like to experiment with color, try an accent wall.

The best way to figure out what you want is to put the colors on the walls. Don’t limit yourself to just one color choice. Get a few different shades and get samples of each color. A good trick is to go to your local crafts store and get a few flat canvases. Paint each canvas with a  couple coats of the sample paints and let them dry completely. Then pin them around the room in different spots for a better visual. Also, be sure to see them in different lighting. See what it looks like during the day with natural light and also what it looks like at night with artificial light.

It may sound like a long, time consuming process, but in the end it will save you time and money of buying something and having to repaint it all over again. So here’s to your next painting project and we hope this advice helps you along the way.

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