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Hiring the right designer.

Have you ever thought of hiring a designer, but weren’t sure which would be right for you? Maybe you even hired one before but they did not listen to what you truly wanted. Most designers tend to just pick out products that they want to sell even if its not right for your space. Maybe they even put their own taste into your home instead of your own. This can be entirely frustrating from the client’s end, and also being in the design business ourselves it is frustrating to see.

Tailored Interiors prides itself on listening to what our client wants and what they are trying to achieve in their space overall. We never sell you products that you would not need in your home. Incorporating all your different tastes into one cohesive space that you would be proud to live in. Functionality is always key when it comes to designing and we always keep that in mind when designing your space. We will ask and listen to what your daily habits are and what products suit your lifestyle best. Different factors for living in a space can effect what paint, flooring, cabinetry or lighting products are ultimately chosen from.

Being that Tailored Interiors is a full service company we handle everything from remodeling to design work. Everything selected for your project is specifically layered from paint color, flooring, cabinetry, furniture and layout to represent your style in a tasteful manner. Most designers will just pick finish selections and your left handling all the different subs and deliveries all on your own. Our company handles all install work ourselves. We have different licensed divisions that we provide and will always have a project manager on your job site to handle every stage of your project, so you do not have to worry about anything other than your satisfaction.

We treat every project as a blank canvas and pour our heart into our work, because we always seek quality of our jobs over the quantity of them.  Choosing a designer from Tailored Interiors ensures that you are in good hands with a company that has years of experience and takes great pride in their work.

Take a look at our gallery page to view projects completed by Tailored Interiors.


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