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Simplicity in Design.

Simplicity is best when it comes to design.

A good rule of thumb to think of when designing your space is that less is more.

Often we try to implement many of our tastes into a single room, which in turn ends up leading to a crowded space.

Your space must not only look aesthetically appealing but it must also function in your everyday use.

Think of how you commonly move through your space and work around your everyday traffic flow when adding new elements into your room.


Scaling back the size of your furniture by using low profile pieces is a great start to simplifying the feel and function of your space.

Using furniture that is correctly proportioned to your space will allow you to manuever the room with greater ease, instead of bumping into furniture left and right.


The overall feel of your space is important too.

Instead of painting your walls your favorite color(s), go with a lighter or more neutral tone to make the room you are painting appear larger.

Darker colors tend to close off the feeling of the room and make the space appear smaller than it is.

Lighter colors like taupe, beige or off whites will make your space appear larger and give  the room a better sense of breathability.

You can bring pops of colors into your space through pillows, throws, vases, lamps, artwork and more.


Before going out and buying an abundant amount of accessories to fill your space, take a look at your room and address what areas appear to be missing an element.

Take notes of these elements you feel you need in your space, include the size of what you can make function in the provided room so that you have some guidelines when going out and purchasing products.

There are a lot of nice and cute elements in stores that you can purchase, but they may not all be right for your space.

Sentimental Elements

We all have elements that we just can not part with because of their sentimental value to us.

These elements do not have to be condensed to one single space, because this may create a visual wall that your eyes can not seem to overlook.

Instead sprinkle these sentimental elements throughout your space using clusters of two or three of varying size to create layers for your eyes to transition easier between.

Remember that less is more and simplicity is best when it comes to design.

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