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The Beginning

Beginning a new project:

First and foremost, understanding what you would like to achieve for your project or projects is important when meeting with your design and build team.

Some Key points:

Selecting a design and build team:

Schedule a meeting to do a walk-through through your space and explain what you would like to achieve, the team should be listing and asking key questions.

For example, our company Tailored Interiors is a design and build team all in one, we make the process as easy as possible for our clientele and listening is of the upmost priority to us.

Listening should be a top priority with any designer and or contractor you are selecting.

Make sure you feel at ease and comfortable with the team you selected for your project and that they are a State Licensed Contractor and insured (this means a contractor’s license not a business license). Insured means they have passed a credit check and do not have to be bonded (bonded means the company has not met their credit check criteria.)


Always make sure you have an open line of communication with your design and build team.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

Ask your contractor about establishing a project schedule and if they adhere to the time frame within that schedule.

What is the cost of the project and what is included? Will there be any additional costs, and how is any additional work handled.


Everyone has a budget, from high-end to cost saving. Understanding all aspects of what is entailed in the completion of your project is necessary.

This helps you identify a realistic budget.

Prioritizing what are fundamental elements of your project that you need done is a great way to eliminate any extras that may not fit into your budget.

This is the best way to stay closer towards your budget and time frame.


If your team has listened well, you will see your vision reflected in the design presented to you.

You can be as much of a part of your design process as you would like or leave it up to your team listening skills to bring your vision to fruition.

Selections that will make you smile and immediately indicate that your team listened.

A true designer also has thoughtfulness to bring elements to the table that maybe you had not originally thought of, but fit into your design perfectly.

Making you realize this is why you hired this particular team, to help you bring everything together into a more cohesive design.

These are just some key factors to have in mind when beginning a project.

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