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Working with a small kitchen.

Functionality is always first when it comes to designing a small kitchen. Ask yourself a few key questions, like how do you need this kitchen to function for you on an everyday basis? How can you implement any extras that you would want in your space? These are all things to take into consideration when designing your kitchen in a small area.

The example shown here is a before and after of a condo completed on Venice Beach.

Before: The original kitchen in this condo was outdated visually and was not functional. It contained very poor lighting, cheap cabinetry, outdated appliances, lack of storage, lack of counter top space, and obscured the beautiful view of the beach. This kitchen was not suitable for entertaining, let alone using on a day to day basis. Then our design team was giving the opportunity to transform this small outdated kitchen into something extraordinary.


By utilizing white cabinetry we had taken the first step in making the small space appear larger. The white cabinetry is something that is not visually weighted, so therefor it does not feel like it is condensing the space. We paired the cabinetry with a neutral granite countertop and a backsplash to coordinate. Taking the bar height down on the other side of the kitchen to countertop height and removing the column allowed for a more visually open area. It also allowed for more counter top space for preparing meals, conversing with guests, and no longer obscured a stellar view of the beach. When choosing the appliances for this kitchen we took the scale and proportion of the space into consideration. In doing so we had chosen a stainless-steel countertop depth refrigerator, so it would not take away from the functionality and visual cohesiveness of the kitchen. The kitchen incorporated a panel ready dishwasher so that the space would not have another visual break from an additional appliance. This created a more cohesive look for the cabinetry which gave the kitchen an overall more seamless look. The functionality of the space was greatly improved and we also included many extras into the kitchen including additional storage, trash pullouts, a beverage refrigerator, a built in decorative hood vent, and a built-in microwave so that it would not take up valuable countertop real estate. The kitchen was completely transformed into a more functional and esthetically appealing space.


Photo Credit: Tailored Interiors, LLC.

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