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Working with a small space.

Making a small space feel and appear larger than it is can be achieved in a variety of ways. The least expensive way to transform your small space is through paint. You can accomplish a larger feel by selecting lighter versions of your chosen color palette. By choosing this lighter version of your selected color you are allowing your space to become more visually open. When considering a ceiling paint for a small space you should go with a flat white paint to make the space appear taller. When furnishing the space, it is always very important to take into consideration the scale and proportion of the pieces. In smaller spaces, you should typically choose furniture that is low profile instead of bulky furniture. These are pieces that have lower backs to coordinate with your low ceiling heights. Utilizing track arms instead of the traditional rolled arms for upholstered pieces to coordinate with the width of your space. Try to find pieces that are multifunctional as opposed to cluttering the space with furniture. For example, using an ottoman for a coffee table that doubles as storage or as extra seating when you have guests or choosing a sleeper sofa that allows seating for everyday living and an additional bed for when you have guests staying with you. If you would like to add more color into your space, you can achieve this through layering with accent pillows, throws, artwork, and accessories.

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